RosslareBIO™ 8000 Series and AxTraxNG Live Webinar

Rosslare’s AxTraxNG™ v27.6.1.0 and the RosslareBIO™ biometric terminals product line are here and they are packed with highly anticipated updates and features that make it easier than ever to deploy fingerprint readers.

Join us for our live webinar to take a closer look at the new features and enhancements in the latest version. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Setup of the Terminal in a fraction of the time using AxTraxNG platform.
  • Create Fingerprint Enrollment client Interfaces, multi-fingerprint credentials for users, and credential verification options
  • Introduction to User Dual-Credential Authentication.
  • Master network setup, and optimize customer handover.

This demo will showcase the following topics:

New Hardware Units and the specifications

AY-B85x0 – Indoor Fingerprint and Card Reader
AY-B85x0 – Outdoor Anti-Vandal Fingerprint and Card Reader
DR-B8000 – USB Desktop Fingerprint Enrolment Unit

Manage Biometric Terminals with Advanced Support

New AxTraxNG features and Terminal discovery
10-Finger hand-map Enrollment
Fingerprint ID credentials and how AxTraxNG handles them
Multi-credential user authentication with AxTraxNG


8am (GMT+2)


4pm (GMT+2)


8am (GMT+2)


5pm (GMT+2)

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