I encountered Error number: 27502, when running the AxTrax or VeriTrax applications, what do I do?

Check that the SQL server service is running. Go to Control panel –> Administrative tools –> Services. Ensure that the “SQL Server (VeriTrax)” is running, if it isn’t, activate it.

I encountered Function Error: 472, when running the AxTrax application, what is it and what do I do?

error 472 means that the database is corrupted. To solve the problem it is advisable to remove the AxTrax and reinstall the software with an empty database.

What is “Full Visitor Feature with automatic un-enrolment of cards when exit”

the software allows you to define a visitor card with predefined level of access to the premises, checking this option will revoke all privileges and deactivate the card when exiting the premises, so even if the visitor takes the access card supplied, he will not be able to access the premises once he left.

Can multiple terminals be used to add users to the system simultaneously?

Yes, you can use multiple terminals to enroll users to the system.

What is the Picture pop-up on AxTrax client option?

Now limited to AxTrax server, all system pop ups are now controlled separately based on Client and per Source:

  • Access Events – User information and Camera pop-ups – defined per Reader
  • Camera Events – Camera Motion detection and Camera recording events – defined per Camera
  • Alarm Events – defined per alarm link
How can I find and utilize Multiple Access group architecture?

AxTrax Software provides the ability to define separate Access Groups per user, create access groups based on your needs and then assign each user with the appropriate access group according to your defined access groups.

the AS-525 AxTrax manual from 2008 mentions that the software supports WinXP and WinVista, since then newer Operating Systems were introduced. Does the AS-525 support the new operating systems? Is 64-bit supported?

AxTrax support Windows XP SP2 & 3, Vista SP1, Windows 7 SP1 & Windows server 2003 all in 32-bits, AxTrax does not currently support 64-bit operating systems.

What is the purpose of the two green LEDs on the AC-215 board located next to door relays?

The two LEDs are mode indicators showing whether the panel is set to operate as one or two readers per door

Are there any SDK available for the AxTrax AS-525 software? If we come up with any integration ideas, could we get a description of such an SDK to see what functions we can count with?

Yes, we have an SDK package for the AxTrax software. In order to receive the SDK you need to contact your Rosslare representative and sign an NDA prior to the release of the SDK.

What is the Ajar Delay feature?

The Door Ajar Delay feature defines the time that a door is allowed to be left open (ajar) before activating the defined Auxiliary Relay and or sending an alert to that effect

What is the meaning of ASK found in many datasheets and manuals?

ASK is the abbreviation of “Amplitude Shift Keying”, which is the type and format of data communicated between the Proximity Card and the Proximity Reader.

What is Back Tamper?

Back tamper is the electronic signal that alerts to the fact that the controller has been tampered with and there was an attempt to remove it from the wall.

What is a Case Tamper?

Case tamper is the electronic signal that alerts to the fact that the controller has been tampered with and there was an attempt to open the actual unit’s case or enclosure.

What is a Bypass Code?

Bypass code is the four digit code used to change the Mode of Operation of supported standalone controllers from Normal to Bypass Mode and vice versa.

What is a Bypass Mode?

Bypass mode is an operation mode that ignores normal access rights, access is not restricted to valid users only, and the door lock is released by anyone pressing the asterisk button.

What is Code Assignment?

Code assignment is the process of assigning Output(s) (Lock Strike Relay and / or Auxiliary Relay) and their activation definition with valid codes entered.

What is a Direct Shunt? When would we use this feature?

Direct Shunt is a setup definition in which an external input (such as a door monitor) is connected directly to the Auxiliary Relay allowing the Auxiliary Output to be activated after the defined (direct shunt) delay elapses. This feature is used to leave the Auxiliary Input available for Normal / Secure mode toggle.

What is the Door Bell?

The door bell is the alert activated and sounded when the door asterisk button is pressed on the unit. For this feature to work the controller needs to be connected to Rosslare’s BL-D40 External Sounder.

What is a Door Chime?

The door chime is the alert activated and sounded when the door is unlocked following a valid code entry. For this feature to work the controller needs to be connected to Rosslare’s BL-D40 External Sounder.

What is a Fail Safe?

Fail Safe is the system setting that defines that in the event of a complete power loss due to a power outage for example, the door remains unlocked.

What is Fail Secure?

Fail Secure is the system setting that defines that in the event of a complete power loss due to a power outage for example, the door remains locked.

What is Forced Door?

Forced arm is the occurrence in which a door connected to the access control system has been physically opened without the approval of the access control system and without the system releasing the lock.

What is the maximum cable length when using the RS-485 protocol?

The maximum cable length while using RS-458 communication is 1200 meters. Please note that the cable must be 2 pairs – twisted and shielded 18-AWG

Can I install AxTraxNG and ViTrax with a Windows 2008 server (64 bits)?

Yes. AxTraxNG and ViTrax are compatible with the following Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 (32/64 bits), Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64 bits), or Windows 8 (32/64 bits).

What is the default IP address of ExpansE?

The default IP address of ExpansE is

Which Operating Systems does AxTrax AS-525 support?

Axtrax (AS-525) is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7 (32 bits only).

Can Rosslare’s access control platform be integrated with third-party devices?

Yes, AxTraxNG platform can be integrated with the following third-party devices:

  • Hikvision  VMS devices
  • ViTraxLPR
  •  Dahua VMS

Rosslare also provides an SDK for integration upon request. For more information, please contact your Rosslare distributor.

How can I transfer fingerprint information to all of my AYC-W6500 devices?

You’ll need to use BioTrax and AxTrax AS-525. You will also need to configure BioTrax as an AxTrax Reader (go to Tools>Settings>Operation Mode and change it to AxTrax Reader).

Can I use AY-B3663 in fingerprint-only mode?

No. This product is match-on-card. You need to use both a Fingerprint and MIFARE® card. If you wish to use fingerprint only, you’ll need to use the AYC-B7661.

Can I update the software from AxTrax (AS-525) to AxTraxNG?

Yes, please follow this quick guide to perform this update

Can I update the software form VeriTrax (AS-215) to AxTraxNG?

Yes, please follow this quick guide to perform this update

I have a license for AxTrax AS-525. Can I use it for AxTraxNG?

No. AxTraxNG uses different licensing. Please contact your Rosslare distributor for more details.

Which IP cameras are supported by ViTrax?

ViTrax supports more than 50 brands. Here you can see the whole list of cameras.

Do I need to install an SQL server before AxTraxNG?

No. If you don’t have SQL already installed, then the AxTraxNG installation will install it for you. However, if you have already SQL installed, you will have to provide the login information for the SQL server.

What is the range of the AY-U900 reader?

The reader’s range is up to 12 meters (39 feet).

Does AxTraxNG support car parking module?

Yes, AxTraxNG provides 2 methods of car parking management:

  • Per parking – Set the maximum number of allowed user in the parking. The entry to the parking will be denied once this level is reached.
  • Per Group – Set the maximum number of allowed user per group. Entry to the parking will be denied once this level is reached. There is no limit to the maximum number of groups that can be added.
Can the AYC-W6500 Bio Reader work as a standalone controller?

Yes it can, but you must use a Rosslare Intelligent Power Supply (PS-x25).

I would like to add more than one AC-panel on the same network. What do I need to do?

You’ll need to configure the address of the panels in binary, using the last 5 DIP switches of the panels. First one is 00000 and last one is 11111. You can add up to 32 panels on the same network.

Which panels does AxTraxNG support?

It supports the following panels: AC-215, AC-215 (SPV), AC-215IP, AC-225, AC-225IP, AC-225 MD-IO84, AC-225IP MD-IO84, AC-225 MD-D02, AC-225IP MD-D02, AC-525, AC-525IP, AC-525 MD-IO84, AC-525IP MD-IO84, AC-525 MD-D02, AC-525IP MD-D02, AC-425, AC-425IP, AC-425 MD-IO84, AC-425IP MD-IO84, AC-425 MD-D04, AC-425IP MD-D04, AC-825IP.

Can I set a valid date “until” for an employee in AC-115?

No. It is not possible with that panel. You can easily configure a valid end date of a user in AxTraxNG and any of the panels it supports.

How can I search for a user in AxTraxNG?

You need to go to Users>User Filter, and click on the magnifying glass icon. You will then see the available fields to search for a user.

Can I use AC-115 as a standalone controller without the use of any software?
How many users does ExpansE support?

It supports up to 128,000 users per controller.

Do I need any software to use ExpansE?

No. You don’t need to install any software. You just need a Web browser that supports Flash in order to configure it.

How many End Units can I connect per Main Unit?

You can connect up to 32 End Units per EXP-1032 (Main Unit). You can combine any type of EU (EXP-2016, EXP-2024, and EXP-2088).

Does Rosslare integrate intrusion control products with access control?

Yes. The HomeLogix (HLX-40) Wireless Alarm Panel can be integrated and configured with AxTraxNG (access control).

Which version of SQL does AxTrax support?

With AxTraxNG you can use SQL 2005 or SQL 2008. With AxTrax AS-525 you can only use SQL 2005.

What are the requirements to install AxTraxNG?

Operating System Windows 7, I3 CPU or better, Memory 4 GB, Network LAN card required for TCP/IP networking, hard disk space 4 GB minimum.

Can I connect an AYC-W6500 to a LAN network?

Yes. You will need the MDN-32 (RS-232 to TCP/IP gateway). Then you can connect the Bio reader to Ethernet.

What is the difference between MD-08 and MD-08B?

MD-08 is a Wiegand to RS-232 converter (aka “Desktop Reader”). You use it to enroll cards from your PC. MD-08B is Reader Programmer and it is used to set the Wiegand output format of MIFARE read-only readers, while setting the input control of the reader to either Buzzer or LED control.

How can I set up door interlock in AxTraxNG?

First, set the panel as 1 reader per door. Then go to panel properties and enable door interlock in selected doors.

How can I set up a door antipassback in AxTraxNG?

First, be sure to set the panel is set as 2 readers per door. Then go to the panel properties and enable antipassback in the selected readers.

How can I make periodic backups with AxTraxNG?

Go to Tools>Database and select Periodic Database. Select the backup folder, quantity of days (N), time and database name. AxTrax will perform an automatic backup very N days at the specified time.

Which modes does the AYC-B7661 Biometric Reader support?

It can be used in 1:N mode or in 1:1 mode. In 1:N mode, the unit identifies users according to their fingerprints only. In 1:1 mode, the unit identifies users according to their fingerprints and their user MIFARE smartcards.

Can I use AYC-B7661 as a standalone controller?

Yes, but you must use the Rosslare Intelligent Power Supply (PS-x25)

How many users does the AYC-B7661 support?

107 users

How many users does the AYC-W6500 support?

500 users

Can I see an online ExpansE demo?

Yes. Go to www.demoexpanse.com.ar

For English, login as user: demo, password: demo

For Spanish, login as user: sdemo, password: sdemo

How do I connect an AC-215 panel to my PC with RS-485 protocol?

You will need the MD-14 wire (RS-485 to RS-232) or the MD-14U wire (RS-485 to USB). Both are proprietary wires. You cannot build them on your own. Pin out specifications do not apply. This answer applies to all AxTrax family panels (AC-215, AC-215IP, AC-225/IP, and AC-425/IP).

Can I design and print a user card using AxTraxNG?

You can use our built-in cards designer, which comes with AxTraxNG.

I failed to access SQL database when upgrading AxTrax to 0.04.25

Check if the AxTrax database is located here:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data\Veritrax5.mdf

If yes, use this password to log in: 959069 or Bod33|en17?ha!

Database Server AS-525

How do I enroll a user in a standalone controller?

Enter ## 1234 (enter Program mode) -> enter 7 -> enter 001 (for user1, 002 for user2)
-> Place card on reader or enter 4 digit PIN code -> press ## to exit Program mode.

Can we use HID cards with Rosslare Access Controllers ?

Rosslare’s AY-x60 goProx Reader series can read HID proximity cards.

I cannot connect to the AC-115 controller from my PC during installation.

First, to set the controller address by entering Program mode -> enter 61 -> enter 01 -> exit Program mode. Now, the controller address is set to 1.

Second, set COM port in AS-115 software: Setting -> Options -> Communication tab -> Network setup -> set COM port number

Third, to make the controller online: double click door1 -> clear checkboxes for “door installed” and “online” -> select the checkboxes again -> click OK. Now the download button is enabled.


I failed to find a panel in AxTraxNG, after changing the IP address and port number of panels.

This problem occurs occasionally after changing the IP address and port number in AxTraxNG -> Network -> Configuration

Open AxTraxNG Server Watchdog and restrat the AxtraxNG server.


Is BioTrax, Veritime, Vericard supported in AxTraxNG ?

No, AxTraxNG has its own software “AxTime” to replace “Veritime”. The Card Design function of “Vericard” is integrated into AxTraxNG.

How do I reset a standalone controller to its factory default settings?

Ensure the MODE LED (left LED) is green, enter ## 1234 -> 00 -> 1234 (master code is 1234).

How do I enter Programming mode of a standalone controller if the default Master code fails?

a) Check the color of left LED – is it green or red? If red, exit Secure mode by entering 3838# -> color of LED should be green now. If it still fails to enter Programming mode, go to (b).

b) If left LED is green:

Turn off the power of controller.

Press and hold the REX button

Turn on the power of controller

Release the REX button

Enter ## -> enter 1234 -> enter 3 -> enter 1234.

Starting from power up, the whole programming procedure must be finished within 15 seconds.

Now, the master code is reset to 1234


What is the maximum DC voltage connected to the relays of AC-215, AC-225, AC-425?

The relays should not be connected to a voltage source higher than 30 VDC.

How do I change the language in the Expanse system?

Access the Expanse system by Web browser. Go to Operators -> Add Operator -> Language. Select the desired language. Assign the Name and Password to this operator. Log out of Expanse. Log in to Expanse with the new name and password.

Available languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, French, Japanese.


How do I reset Expanse EXP-1032 to factory default settings?

Power off EXP-1032 -> Set the DIP switch b1->b8 to: On Off On Off On Off On Off.

Power on the EXP-1032 and wait for 2 minutes. Power off the EXP-1032 and set the DIP switch to its original settings. Power on the EXP-1032 again.

After reset, the IP address of EXP-1032 is reset to either


How do I make my reader read the PIN code?

Inside AxTrax/AxTraxNG, at Network -> Panel -> Reader -> Edit, set “Operation mode” to “Card or PIN” or “PIN only”.

How do I erase database events in AxTrax/AxTraxNG?

For both AxTrax and AxTraxNG,

Tools -> Database -> Select database options: “Erase panel Events” -> Set “Events erased prior to” -> OK button


Why can’t I change the administrator’s (operator) password in AxTrax?

To change the administrator’s password for the first time, use “current password” = “ADMIN” to change the new password for the first time (all large capital letters).

How do I reset an AC-215, AC-225, AC-425 panel?

The only way is to download firmware to the panel again.

Could AxTrax/AxTraxNG upload users and cards data from a panel?
Can I connect 2 magnetic door locks to an AC-215 panel?

The power supply of AC-215 can give a maximum current of 1.5 A. So, the current consumption of each door lock should be less than 600 mA. If the customer is using a magnetic door lock, the customer has to be careful, because a magnetic door lock generally consumes current larger than 600 mA. Under this condition, only 1 magnetic door lock is allowed.

Can I enroll cards without using the panels (AC-215, AC-225, AC-425)?

Yes. Just connect a reader to the Wiegand terminal of MD-08, and connect the RS-232 of MD-08 to the computer. The enrollment of cards can be done by AxTrax/AxTraxNG.

AxTrax: Cards -> New -> MD-08 tab -> Select COM port

AxTraxNG: Users -> Cards -> Press the button “Insert card by MD-08” on the toolbar -> Select COM port


Do I need to use an external power supply for a door lock in ME-00 for the Expanse system?

Yes, you need to connect door locks to EU. The internal power supply is only enough for its modules, but not enough to drive door locks.

Should I keep AxTrax/AxTraxNG server online all the time ?

Generally, AxTrax and AxTraxNG servers should be connected to panels all the time. For AC-215, it should not be offline more than 3 days (if more than 1000 events per day). For AC-225, it should not be offline more than 2 weeks.

If an AxTrax/AxTraxNG server is online again (or a panel is connected again) after a logout for a long time, it should be then connected for at least 2 hours to allow the panels to fully upload data to the server.


Can I connect fingerprint readers, AY-x663, AY-x660, and AYC-W6500 to AC-115?
Why does my AYC convertible controller fail to work with a PS-x25 power supply?

Check if the AYC controller left LED is green or red. If it is LED is red, then the hardware connection of AYC to PS-x25 is wrong. +V ->red wire, (-) -> black wire, C1 -> white wire, C2 -> green wire

If I forget the encryption key for MIFARE cards, can we recover the lost key?

The encryption key in MIFARE cards cannot be recovered. The end user should make a copy of the key safely.

Can we use AxTrax or AxTraxNG to control panels through the Internet? For example, using my home computer to monitor the panels in offices from different sites?
I cannot back up the database in AxTrax/AxTraxNG. Sometimes, an error message “directory not local” pops up.

Close AxTrax or AxTraxNG first.

Windows -> Programs -> All Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Configuration Manager -> SQL Server 2005 Service (on left window) -> Double click SQL Server (VERITRAX) (on right window) -> Set “Built-in account:” to “Local System”.


If I lost the login password for AxTrax/AxTraxNG, how can I recover it?

Copy the most recent database backup, in *.bak. Compress it and email to our technical support.

How to change Expanse EXP-2024 from single door to double door?

Delete the EXP-2024 in the Web browser and wait for Expanse to search for the EXP-2024 again. Initialize the EXP-2024 as “double door”.

Can I connect the panels of AC-215, AC-225, AC-425 RS-485 bus in STAR configuration?

Yes, if it’s for a short distance, no if it’s over a long distance, since the RS-485 cable impedance needs to match the impedance of the terminal resistors. Connecting all RS-485 cables in parallel will change cable impedance to unknown values.

My country is using a dynamic IP address. Can I use AxTraxNG in WAN access?

No, the AxTraxNG server cannot connect to panels with dynamic IP across internet.


Can I run DigiTool software in Windows 7?

No. DigiTool software only works in Windows XP. The support for other OSs is in our roadmap.

If I lost the login password for DigiTool Lite GS-01, how can I recover it?

Copy C:\Program Files\Rosslare\GS01\main.mdb

Compress the main.mdb, and email it to our technical support.



When trying to connect the HLX-40 panel locally via the MD-62 cable the panel does not response. What to do?

This problem occurs when the MD-CC101 GMS/GPRS stick is connected. To connect the panel enter the “User menu”\PC mode and change it from “disabled” to “enabled”. Please note that after 2 minutes without data transferring between the PC and the panel this option will turn to “disabled” again.

I cannot arm the AuraSys L-4 / L-6 panel

“Arm With Low Battery” option in the Installer menu\account information must be set as “Enabled”.

Does Rosslare integrate intrusion control products with access control?

Yes. The HomeLogix (HLX-40) Wireless Alarm Panel can be integrated and configured with AxTraxNG (access control).

How do I connect a Rosslare intrusion panel to my PC?

You will need an MD-62 (Serial Communications Adapter for AuraSys and HomeLogix) or an MD-62U (USB – Panel connector).

I failed to install AuraSys Remote Programmer for P6 in Windows 7

Install Microsoft .NET framework 1.1, before installing AuraSys. (Don’t use .NET framework 1.1 SP1.)

I couldn’t arm the AuraSys L4, L6

a) Check if any zone LED and “ALARM” LED is turned on – it may be caused by some sensor triggering, or the tamper switch is open on the panel.

b) Check if the “DISARM” LED (green LED) is on. If not,

– Power off the panel. Connect a 12 VDC battery to the panel. Power on the panel.


– Connect the panel to AuraSys software by MD-62. In “Account Information” -> Global Settings -> Arm with low battery -> Enabled -> Press “Download” button to download new settings to panel.

Make sure the “DISARM” LED is green, press “ARM AWAY” button -> enter 1000
-> panel is armed.


Why is my L4/L6 trouble indicator always on ?

To clear the trouble indicator, power off panel -> (1) connect 12 V battery -> power on panel -> (2) Set Date/Time by AuraSys or KE-04/KC-04

If successful, TROUBLE indicator OFF, and the “DISARM” indicator should turn green.


Can I use SA-91/SA-81 sirens on AuraSys L4, L6, P6 alarm panels?

Yes. You should use the XR-16A wireless expansion for this.

Can the status of intrusion panels be remotely monitored?

Yes, for L4, L6, and HomeLogix, the panel events and status can be checked by “Live View” through a telephone network.

If I lost the master code in AuraSys L4, L6, P6, and HomeLogix, can it be recovered?

No, the panel has to be returned as RMA for re-programming.

My HomeLogix panel has been running fine for some time, but recently gives false alarms. What is causing this?

Replace the battery of the triggered sensor.

How do I set “EXIT Delay” and “Entry Delay” in AuraSys L4, L6 ?

In AuraSys software, go to

a) EXIT DELAY: Partitions -> Partition 1 -> Under “Quick Arm” session, Exit Delay

b) ENTRY DELAY: Account Information -> Under “Time Settings” session, Entry Delay 1

Zones -> Zone 1 (if this zone need entry delay) -> Functional Type -> ZONE_DELAY1


Is it possible to disarm an AuraSys L4/L6 panel by home a computer or a notebook computer?

Yes, AuraSys software has a feature called “Live View”, which allows you to remotely arm/disarm the alarm panel by modem.

My AuraSys L4/L6 fails to call the CMS. What is the problem?

In AuraSys software, go to “Account Information” -> Under “Panel Telephone Settings”, Dialing Country Code -> set your country

Press the “Download” button to update the panel. Re-start power of the panel.


How do I turn off the trouble beep (a continuous periodic beep tone) in AuraSys L4/L6?

In AuraSys software, go to “Account Information” -> Under “Global Settings”, set “Trouble Beeps” to “Disable” -> press “download” button to update panel settings.