SP-03V2 Elderly Phone

SP-03V2 Front View

The Elderly Phone features the playing of recorded messages and two-way voice communications with a remote party, initiated by pressing a wireless button, even when the phone is off the hook, the line is busy, or when an alarm has been activated.

The highly sensitive sound system allows users to speak and listen without having to lift the handset, when they are far from the unit.

The Elderly Phone supports 16 wireless detectors, 16 remote control / panic buttons, wireless sirens, and remote keypads. Reporting can be performed over TCP/IP, via telephony or by using an optional GSM module.

The accompanying PC software enables users to manage accounts, to configure, and to remotely control the system via TCP/IP, telephony, or via a local USB port.


  • Fully featured telephone with handset, 10 Speed-dial numbers and a phone book
  • 8 fully programmable daily medication reminders, with programmable / recordable textual and audio alerts and verification
  • 16 wireless security zones
  • 16 emergency / remote control transmitters
  • Home and Away arming modes
  • USB 2.0 for local PC connection
  • TCP/IP and Telephony for reporting
  • Quick / Instant / Force / Bypass arming modes
  • Personal Pre-Recorded Voice Messages that reports up to 3 private telephone numbers, with 2-way listen-in call and voice options
  • 2 Central Station phone numbers support Contact-ID reporting
  • Compatible with Rosslare’s wide range of Wireless Devices at 868.35 MHz (H-series) and 433.92 MHz (G-series)
  • Local emergency button to initiate immediate call
  • Built-in answering machine
  • Line override when the line is busy or when the unit is off the hook (in emergencies) for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Arming/Disarming using wireless transmitters, user codes, and remote keypads
  • Remote telephone voice-guided menu
  • Vocal and visual notifications


  • Built-in siren and chime sounder
  • Two-line, backlit LCD display for alerts, user and programming sessions
  • Automated battery test
  • RF Diagnostic Test Mode during installation