SA-59 GSM Communication Module


With an independent power source and GSM communication module, the SA-59 can monitor the panel and send event and alarm transmissions even when the power is down or the alarm panel’s communication wires were severed.

The unit allows CMS (Central Monitoring Station) reporting as well as SMS messages to three private phone numbers based on 7 pre-configured events. Also, changes to any of the 4 inputs will generate a pre-defined event transmission.

SA-59 simulates a telephone line for the panel’s line input and sends the reports through a GSM network to the defined destination.

The SA-59 has a battery charger and space for Rosslare’s BT-16, 12V DC / 2000 mAh NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) backup battery.

  • Easily programmable from a connected telephone
  • 4 inputs activating 4 outputs and 7 different SMS messages
  • Open collector output indicating GSM Module power status
  • Open collector output indicating line connectivity
  • Internal battery charger for dedicated back-up battery, Rosslare’s BT-16, 12 VDC / 2 Ah
  • RJ-11 connectors for Line in and Line out, allows easy installation
  • Back and cover tamper detection


  • Programmable PBX prefix number
  • SIM card interface conforms with GSM 11.11 and GSM 11.12 standards (based on the ISO/IEC 7816 standard)
  • Support up to 3 private phone numbers for SMS messaging