SA-38 Universal 8-Channel RF Receiver

The SA-38 Universal 8-Channel RF Receiver is a versatile state-of-the art product that adds flexibility to any wired intrusion or access control system.

This sophisticated receiver receives RF alarm and trouble signals and converts them to wired switching signals for hardwired alarm systems. It provides RF communications from a range of Rosslare’s wireless transmitters, sensors or remote command and operates 12 relay outputs; eight channel outputs and four auxiliary outputs.

Up to 32 wireless electronic devices can be enrolled in the receiver, up to four devices per channel, so every member of your household can access the RF remote control features.

The SA-38 Universal 8-Channel RF Receiver is packaged with the AS-38 Multi-language PC application software that runs on Microsoft Windows® 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP operating systems.


  • Eight relay outputs, programmable N.O or N.C
  • Four trouble relay outputs: tamper, low battery, supervision fault and RF jamming
  • 32 sensors, 8 RF channels with up to 4 RF sensors each
  • Arm/Disarm input
  • Back tamper switch
  • RS-485 port providing real-time communication link
  • External 9VDC/500mA transformer for battery charging
  • Local programming using front panel controls


  • 50 non-volatile event log history (FIFO)
  • User/programming MMI with two-LED digit display, four navigation keys, six status 3-colored LED indicators
  • AS-38 uploading/downloading software included enabling the user to check, enroll, and program the parameters
  • Compatible with over 10 different wireless sensors and transmitters (of the same frequency) produced by Rosslare