AS-34 Photoelectric Smoke Detector

AS-34 is part of Rosslare’s family of powerful, high performance, indoor, standalone or wireless smoke and heat detectors, ideal for residential, commercial, and institutional applications. This optical smoke detector is provides continuous protection against fire hazards even during a power outage.

Encased in a compact, elegantly designed shell, the AS-34 provides the most reliable, convenient and cost effective solution for smoke detection.

The smoke detector registers smoke particles by their photoelectric effect, making it especially sensitive to smoky and smoldering fires that burn slowly for many hours before bursting into flames.

With the AS-34, you can sleep soundly. This easy to install, battery-powered unit is jammed-packed with advanced features such as, removal tampering transmission, RF supervision, low battery messages, and much more.

Main Features:

  • Sensitive detection of smoke particles
  • Fully supervised: RF signal sent to the control unit every 20 minutes
  • Low battery RF sensing and reporting signal
  • tamper detection of removal of the heat detector from the base
  • Sleep mode – Low standby current provides long battery life
  • Local Piezoelectric siren and buzzer
  • Compact and inconspicuous elegant design
  • Twist on/twist off detector head for easy installation
  • Local test button for sounder and transmission testing


  • Multi-application base unit (SA-13)
  • Specially designed Long-range antenna for 200 meter open space RF range with selected panels
  • Adjustable RF power and frequency assists in meeting the requirements of almost any country
  • visual indication via Base LED: Flashes during transmission showing RF functionality status
  • Available in two models G-433.92MHz & H-868.35MHz
  • Low-battery audible alert