SA-29 Single Layer Wireless RF Repeater

Rosslare’s SA-29 Single Layer Wireless RF Repeater is  compatible with a wide variety of wireless products, ideal for residential, commercial and institutional applications.

It seamlessly extends the range and boosts the performance of an RF device

located too far from a control unit. The miniature-sized SA-29 packs advanced features such as Single Level Coverage (SLC) technology, rechargeable battery backup with 24 hours of backup power, built-in antennas, and cover and back tamper detection.

The easy to install SA-29 is the perfect cost effective solution for RF range extension needs.

Main Features

  • 12 Volt DC input from the AC/DC adaptor primary power source
  • Built-in rechargeable 1.8 Ah backup battery charger for 24 hours of battery backup on a
  • single 12-hour charge
  • Multi-programmable microprocessor nanowatt technology electronics for superior efficient
  • power consumption management
  • No programming necessary
  • Ultra-bright front LED indication
  • Mountable housing includes two internal tuned antennas
    • Compatible with Rosslare Security products from related series (H-Series: 868.35 Mhz; G-Series: 433.92 Mhz)


  • Fully supervised; updates the panel of status every 20 minutes, including Low Battery Event and Tamper Event
  • Jumper selectable cover and back tamper detection
  • Contains a high technology RF system interface for random time and system flags for anti-   ping-pong to prevent RF system errors
  • Compatible with a wide range of the Rosslare family of wireless sensors, panels and universal receivers
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