SA-25 Wired-to-RF Transmitter

The SA-25 Wired-to-RF Transmitter provides the means to connect wired sensors to the Rosslare wireless intrusion system.

In its aesthetic housing, the unit also contains an additional magnetic switch internally, allowing it to operate as a door/window sensor.

The full-featured sensor/transmitter is delivered with a programming/configuration package that provides the tools for installers to quickly test and configure the unit for any situation.

SA-25 Wired-to-RF Transmitter has room for a 3 vdc replaceable battery and terminal connections for a backup power supply input.


  • Three channels programmable as three independent zone ID’s or as a single zone ID (2 wired, 1 local magnetic contact)
  • Programmable enable/disable of local magnetic contact sensor
  • Ultra low-power nanowatt microcontroller design with real-time monitoring software, including non-volatile settings
  • Two universal, programmable N.O and N.C inputs
  • Selectable cover and wall tamper detection
  • Compatible with Rosslare Security products from related series (H-Series: 868.35 Mhz; G-Series: 433.92 Mhz)


  • One LED used for programming and operation
  • Compatible with the full range of Rosslare’s wireless receivers and panels
  • 1300 mAh battery-powered
  • Programmable locally by PC software utility (RS232)
  • Full supervised, every 20 minutes, with low battery detection and reporting to Rosslare’s RF control panels
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