SA-20 Wireless Vibration, Motion and door/window Detector

The heart of SA-20 is a ceramic piezoelectric element ball actuator motion, featuring advanced low noise components and microprocessor for superior sound spectrum, Power Save Mode (PSM) for low battery consumption, ultra bright LEDs, back and cover tamper detection, low battery alert, and periodical supervision.

The SA-20 Wireless Vibration Detector uses a special algorithm to monitor the area at all times, while preventing false alarms and random events. By performing self-calibration, the SA-20 guarantees reliable and precise operation, while rejecting common false alarm sounds.

Crafted from rugged flame resistant ABS material, this detector is easy to install and enroll onto one of Rosslare’s wireless security and automation panels or universal receivers.


  • Special integrator algorithm monitors the area at all times and seeks specific patterns
  • Three types of sensors: vibration, movement and magnetic
  • Self calibration mechanism
  • Three interchangeable sensitivity levels
  • 3V 1000mAH lithium battery powered for up to three years battery life
  • Static and dynamic battery saving modes
  • Compact and inconspicuous elegant design
  • Completely wire free for easy installation
  • Available in 433.92 MHz or 868.35 MHz


  • Periodical RF path testing
  • Ultra bright LED indication for alarm, calibration trouble, low battery status
  • Three interchangeable alarm modes
  • Walk and radio test
  • Low battery level detection
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