SA-04 Wireless Panic Button

The SA-04 Panic Button was designed for ease of use and a constant option to create an alarm in the event of an emergency or medical situation. The miniature SA-04 Remote Control is a high-quality RF product packed with intelligent wireless system features and a modern design.

The SA-04’s many features include an internal optimized loop antenna, with a factory adjustable RF power to make the product meet international standards, and a battery life of up to five years.

The SA-04 comes with a lithium 3-volt Lithium 250 mAh high power battery and is compatible with Rosslare Security products from the related Series (G-Series: 433.92 MHz, H-Series: 868.35 MHz.)


  • Up to five years long lasting high capacity Lithium battery
  • Small enough to fit into a pocket or purse comfortably
  • Multi-application unit can be used for PANIC, emergency or medical transmissions or for automation uses
  • Water proof and damage proof rugged enclosure
  • Wrist strap with comfort padded Velcro strap provides a smooth surface contact with reliable hold
  • Pendant adapter and stainless flexible metal chain, with latch for easy opening or closing


  • 16 million ID codes embedded ensuring that multiple units can be used within a single system installation
  • Special antenna construction for 50 to 100 m open space range, with selected panels
  • Adjustable RF power and frequency
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