SA-02 Supervised Wireless Magnetic Contact Sensor

SA-02 sensor is a high-quality product that is simple to install and even simpler to use. While developed for Door and Window security, this versatile unit can be used for any application requiring a magnetic sensor solution.

The SA-02’s many features include a local magnetic sensor, a LED indicator, SPS(Smart Power Save) technology to maximize the unit’s battery life, a RF supervisory signal, cover and back tamper detection, and automatic low battery detection.

The SA-02 uses a widely available lithium 1300 mAh high power battery and is compatible with Rosslare Security products from the related Series (H-Series: 868 MHz, G-Series: 433 MHz).


  • Microprocessor and SMT Designed electronics for high quality and superior performance
  • 3V, 1300 mAH lithium battery lasts for over three years at normal use (Low battery warning transmitted to panel)
  • Transmission LED indicator
  • External sensor terminal contacts
  • Operates in an open field range of up to 150 meters (450 feet)
  • Modern, attractive design with small footprint, constructed with internal antenna to prevent tamper
  • Mounts directly fit onto a flat surface
  • Compatible with Rosslare Security products from related series (H-Series: 868.35 Mhz; G-Series: 433.92 Mhz)


  • Case tamper detection, and optionally-enabled back tamper detection
  • Excellent RF Performance, AM / ASK in frequencies for Europe and USA
  • An internal antenna to prevent tamper
  • Fully-supervised (20 minutes from last transmission) for low battery, tamper and supervisor
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