SA-01PW Hardwired Pet Immune PIR Detector

The SA-01PW digital wired PET immune PIR motion detector is a high-performance intrusion sensor with advanced design ideal for residential and commercial applications.

The SA-01PW uses lens with fuzzy logic implementing a special algorithm to improve human detection while at the same time ignoring pets and other animals, thus reducing false alarms.

The heart of the SA-01PW is a high quality pyro-electric infrared energy sensor incorporating advanced fuzzy logic technology for increased security assurance. The dual slop digital temperature compensation feature allows it to work in varied environmental situations.

The SA-01PW’s many features include a LED walk test, visual failure status detection, energy level selectable, and cover tamper detection.

The SA-01PW can be easily installed with universal bracket option.


  • Power level discriminator: A special lens, combined with a powerful algorithm, ignores small to medium sized animals while maintaining a high level of human detection
  • Environment digital temperature compensation using to reduce false alarms and maintain constant detection
  • Fuzzy logic algorithms energy detection system for improved detection and reduced false alarms
  • Adaptive filter compensates for changes in a detected object’s speed
  • Internal calibration following mounting height installation
  • Draft and insect immunity with a sealed chamber for the optical components
  • Cover tamper switch protection against opening the cover, for higher security


  • Selectable energy level sensitivity: High or low by jumper selection
  • Continuous monitoring: Sends visual alerts in case of malfunction or temperature out-of-range alerts
  • Walk test mode: detection is indicated by a red LED (enabled or disabled) with an internal jumper for additional security
  • Advanced micro-controller electronics and algorithms for superior movement speed spectrum analysis
  • Input/output line protection for added resistance to transient shock, ESD, and RFI interference
  • Selectable energy level sensitivity: High or low by jumper selection