PYR-3021 Hardwired Ceiling PIR Detector

This extra-wide ceiling unit is designed for easy and comfortable free-height installation and easy wiring, with no PCB adjustment required.  By using fuzzy logic algorithms, detection is improved and false alarms are greatly reduced.

The highly sensitive quad element sensor, encased in a fully sealed chamber, is combined with the state-of-the-art 360˚full vision Fresnel lens for increased detection.

The digital temperature compensation together with the adaptive filter insures equal detection in all situations.

The PYR-3021 has cover and ceiling tamper detection, and jumpers for selecting sensitivity and LED operation.

The easy-to-install and smooth curves design blends inconspicuously into most indoor residential and commercial environments.


  • 360˚ 7m diameter coverage at 2.4 m (94.5 in) height
  • Digital and analog motion analysis with internal ambient temperature compensation
  • High sensitivity quad element pyro-sensor, from world-leading manufacturers
  • Test and go walk test feature
  • Screw-free cover and snap-in mount for easy installation and cover removal
  • Clear high bright LED indication
  • Attractive design, with a professional look and feel


  • Selectable three sensitive levels to meet the need of environment
  • Advanced spherical high performance lens for full area monitoring
  • Draft and insect immune with a sealed chamber for optical components
    • Solid state relay: Provides a nearly unlimited lifespan, EMC resistance and silent operation
    • Meets or exceeds USA Standard UL 639, Intrusion Detection Units
    • Meets or exceeds CENELEC 50131-2-2 PIR Standard, Security Grade 2, and Environmental Grade 1
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