PYR-2011A Wireless PIR Detector

The heart of the PYR-2011A is a high quality pyro-electric infrared energy sensor, an advanced digital nano-watt microcontroller, and an A to D signal analyzer.

This full sized wireless spherical sensor blends into any environment, keeping a low profile while providing state-of-the-art optics. An advanced spherical lens made out of patented materials provides white light immunity. The optic pattern includes look-down (creep) zone protection using a mirror and curtain zones with a unique snap-in curtain mask that enables focused detecting, such as across window surfaces or down corridors.

The PYR-2011A’s many features include a fully sealed sensor chamber, easy-to-operate magnetic walk and RF transmission test, dynamic and static transmission modes, selectable sensitivity level, cover and wall tamper detection and automatic low battery detection.


  • Analog and digital motion analysis with internal ambient temperature compensation
  • Unique “fast” curtain mask plastic for narrowed detection
  • Max coverage 14m
  • Field of view 115°
  • Unique spherical Fresnel lens
  • Single LED indication
  • High sensitivity dual-element pyro-sensor, from world-leading manufacturers
  • Optional swivel mounting bracket for mounting in flexible locations (BR-41)
  • Attractive curved design, with a professional look and feel
  • Compatible with Rosslare Security products from related series (H-Series: 868.35 Mhz; G-Series: 433.92 Mhz)


  • Selectable three sensitivity levels to meet the need of any environment
  • Advanced spherical lens with SSFL mirror look-down.
  • Continuous monitoring: Sends visual alerts in case of malfunction or temperature is out of range
  • Draft and insect immune with a sealed chamber for optical components
  • RF and walk test modes
  • Meets or exceeds USA Standard UL 639, Intrusion Detection Units
  • Meets or exceeds CENELEC 50131-2-2 PIR Standard, Security Grade 2, and Environmental Grade 1
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