MD-W11 Wireless Access Control Door Interface

The MD-W11 is a quick and inexpensive solution for connecting remote door devices such as readers, locks, and REX Buttons to an access control unit. The unit utilizes bi-directional RF data communication to relay Wiegand card and PIN code data, lock and door relay commands, as well as tamper, door monitor, and REX messages between the controller and the interface unit. The interface is based on two units per door, one located near the controller and the other near the door.

Main Features

  • Maximum range of 70 meters (230 ft) indoors and up to 300 meters (985 ft) outdoors with an external fixed antenna, depending on RF related environmental conditions
  • Overall response time of 500 ms when used with Rosslare’s AC-225 controller and readers. Response time depends on RF link quality, the number of doors used, and the controller and reader’s response time.
  • Built-in charger for up to 7 Ah backup battery on the remote unit
  • Compatible with all of Rosslare’s readers and with many third-party standard Wiegand readers
  • Separate sets of terminals for door and controller connections
  • Case and wall tamper protection. Tamper events from either Near or Far sides are reported using a tamper output on the Near unit


  • Transfers proximity card information as well as LED control, reader tamper, lock relay commands, and REX and Door Monitor events between the coupled units
  • The Near unit is powered using the controller’s power supply. The Far unit is powered by a local wall transformer. A built-in charger provides a power backup option
  • Protected housing with space for Rosslare’s BT-04, 12 VDC 800 mAh, Sealed Lead-Acid battery. Suitable for Indoor use
  • Available in HR-869 MHz and GR-433 MHz bands
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