MD-CC101 GSM Communicator


Rosslare’s MD-CC101 GSM Stick enhances the HomeLogiX™ family of hardwired intrusion alarm panels performances’, by adding GSM communication capabilities, which can be used as a backup line for when a problem occurs with the land line, or as a primary communication method, thus making the MD-CC101 GSM Stick an indispensable component in any advanced security system design and layout.

When using the GSM module the system also allows private phones defined in the system to receive voice and/or SMS messages alerting the user of various alerts, troubles, bypass, and arm/disarm events initiated by the alarm panel. The user can also use the GSM expansion to send commands to the system via SMS messages, allowing arming (home/away), disarming, PGM activation, and deactivation.


  • Full event reporting
  • Contact ID protocol
  • 2-way voice communication
  • GSM communication – via GSM Quad Band 900 / 1800 MHz or 850 / 1900 MHz modem
  • Three operating modes – backup for the control dialer, primary alarm communicator and parallel reporting channel
  • Private voice / SMS reporting
  • Compatible with Rosslare’s HomeLogiXTM wireless control panels


  • Quad frequency bands for worldwide coverage
  • Remote upload/download of panel configuration
  • Remote firmware upgrade of the system