MatrixBUS™ MD-64 and MD-66 Voice Module for KC-16 Keypads


The MatrixBUS MD-64 Control Panel Voice Module provides a wide range of voice-controlled operations for the AuraSys P6 Control Panel, including: Voice reporting of zone violation, voice activation (Arm/Disarm, PGM activation, etc.), voice prompts for remote phone operations, voice announcement of events and actions, including during Trouble and Memory scrolling, record and playback of customized messages, and reporting to three different phones per partition.

The MatrixBUS MD-66 Keyboard Voice Module establishes a communication link between the module and a remote location via the phone line. It enables two-way transmission for monitoring, emergency, and remote announcement and validation.

MD-64 Control Panel Voice Module

  • Operates and controls voice reporting to private phones
  • Operates and controls voice announcements to the keypad
  • Communicates with the wired panel via an IMDE (Integrated Model Development Environment) bus
  • LED status and problem indicator
  • Small size
  • Stand alone or integrated inside the AuraSys P6 Control Panel

MD-66 Keyboard Voice Module   

  • Message announcement capability through built‑in speaker
  • Voice transmission from module to AuraSys
  • Highly sensitive electronic microphone
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to allow wide dynamic range
  • Two base gain levels from the control panel
  • Voice transmission over differential lines provides high interference immunity even when the module is located far from the keypad
  • Power saver mode when not in use