HLX-24T Wireless Intrusion Control Panel with TCP/IP and PSTN communications


Rosslare’s HLX-24T is a wireless control panel suitable for residential applications that protects you 24/7. The HLX-24T system supports both TCP/IP and PSTN communication options for reporting and monitoring and is compatible with a full range of Rosslare’s wireless sensors and remote controls.


  • Event log of up to 250 entries
  • 1 programmable output
  • 20 user codes, one master code and one installer code
  • Backlight display
  • Built-in siren
  • Two-line LCD display for alerts, programming status, log view, etc.
  • Remote telephone (through PSTN) voice-guided sessions for status, messaging, alerts, and remote control options
  • Supports HomeLogiX™ mobile application that controls and monitors the system via TCP/IP communication
  • Supports 4 remote bi-directional keypads, 4 wireless repeaters, 4 wireless sirens, and 8 remote controls
  • Advanced false alarm prevention features
  • Zone types: Interior, Interior Follow, Perimeter, Delay, Fire, 24-hour Silent and Audible, Chime (non-alarm)
  • Scheduled arming per day
  • Custom zone descriptors
  • Proprietary anti-collision RF protocol, with RF signal strength meter and jamming detection
  • Backup battery with charger (4 x AA)
  • Easy to operate and configure
  • Available in G – 433.92 MHz or H – 868.35 MHz