GS-02 DigiTool Call Center (DCC) Software for PC


Rosslare’s GS-02 is designed to seamlessly manage the DigiTool® Guard Patrol system. It enables key staff duties to be monitored and data captured for performance reporting.

During the patrol (tour), staff members collect location IDs and specific status events by placing their readers (GC-01) on location tags (GA-01) or event wallets (GA-02, GA-12).

The collected information is then transferred to the GS-02 DCC (DigiTool® Call Center) management system by placing the reader in the docking base (GC-02) and then activating the data upload.

Unlike paper-based duty tracking systems, information within the GS-02 DCC management system is centrally accessible, and information can be manipulated quickly and easily for improved management decisions.


  • Full suite of reports/graphical analysis, email from control room screen
  • Supports over 500 guards, up to 10,000 locations
  • Quick and easy implementation – fully networked or standalone
  • Supports multiple sites, multiple buildings
  • Data transfer communication is supported by direct serial RS-232, PSTN modem, LAN and WAN TCP/IP networks
  • Flexible, schedule based tour planner
  • Wizard driven GUI for creation of most objects
  • Tree-view based object structure
  • Graphical maps for site hierarchy
  • Location tags and key fobs easily added to the system database


  • Full management of all related objects: sites, locations, users, guards, readers, tags, stations, tours, reports, clients, events, and groups
  • Upgrade easily through multiple license HASP key choices
  • Works on all standard PC operating systems: Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP
  • LAN/WAN communication provides the capability to connect up to 256 serial to TCP/IP converters (MD-N32)
  • Once connected to the TCP/IP network the GS-02, the DigiTool® Call Center operator can upload reader data, add new readers, edit, erase and set time/date to existing readers