GS-01 DigiTool Reports Lite Software for PC

Rosslare’s GS-01 software is designed to set up guard patrol sites (locations, event books, and tour routes), manage the data acquired during the patrols, and generate reports from the data.

During the patrol (tour), staff members collect location IDs and specific status events by placing their readers (GC-01) on location tags (GA-01) or event wallets (GA-02, GA-12).

The collected information is then transferred to the GS-01 management system by placing the reader in the docking base (GC-02) and then activating the data download.

Several kinds of reports can then be generated from the data collected during the patrols and downloaded to the PC.


  • User restricted access levels
    • Master or Regular User
  • Programmable features
    • Multiple users
    • Multiple sites
    • Multiple readers (reader lockout)
    • Multiple tours with times
  • Built-in integrated database
    • Store all downloaded data
    • Tour reports
    • Exception reports
    • Incident reports
    • Reader download reports
    • System hardware list report
    • Patrol schedule report
    • Database report
  • Uploading and downloading controls
    • Program reader options
    • Program reader date and time
    • Erase reader DATA (clear reader)