GC-50 Communicator Remote Station


Rosslare’s DigiTool® GC-50 remote station is designed with a focus on high quality and reliability as a top priority.

A user-friendly hardware communication station that allows you to upload, download, and transfer data that has been collected through the use of the GC-02 Reader Base and the GC-01 Acquisition Reader.

The GC-50 station can be installed remotely and allows you to transfer data to a local or remote PC via either the serial port or a built-in modem. PC-based DigiTool® Call Center (DCC) Software (GS-02) then processes the data.

This tool is simple to install and even simpler to use. With just the touch of a button, you can easily manage your distributed DigiTool® guard patrol monitoring system on a large geographic and data quantity scale.


  • Communications call-back feature (can be enabled or disabled)
  • Variety of call scheduling options
  • An internal buzzer for audio validation
  • RJ-11 phone in/out plugs
  • Internal real-time calendar/clock with battery backup that can maintain operation for 14 days if disconnected from the DC input
  • Two bi-colored LEDs for visual validation
  • User-friendly operation – as simple as pressing a button
  • Unique, compact design, allows for a minimum of cabling requirements, saving desk space


  • Local storage of over 200,000 readings for up to two weeks when power is out
  • Advanced microprocessor based on Intel™ technology
  • Custom Security Codes
    • High security and facility codes
    • Can be uniquely selected for large customers
    • Determine which PC has access to local or remote hardware
    • Prevent unauthorized Serial/PSTN connections
  • Two icon based buttons for loading a reader to the GC-50 or for making a remote PC connection