EX-16 Mullion Non-Sparking Tactile Switch

Rosslare’s EX-16 is a part of a powerful line of high quality piezoelectric switches. Designed in mind of industrial and high-risk environmental requirements, the EX-16 will adapt well in mines, oil rigs and refineries, military installations and more.  The switch can be used in many hi-demanding applications, from heavy machinery and mechanical operation panels, to access control systems or direct door control.

The EX-16 with no moving parts is extremely reliable, resilient and robust yet is encased in an elegant mullion design within a modern case suitable for use by architects and designers.


  • Advanced Soft Touch Piezoelectric Switch
  • New weatherproof design – water and dust proof, grease, oil and other chemical solvent repellent
  • Circuit assembly encapsulation
  • Vandal resistant, stainless steel mounting plate and tactile button with no moving parts
  • Mounting Method Single Gang: Mounts directly to a US gang switchbox


  • Non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant
  • Light ring status indicator and accidental activation hindrance
  • Adjustable output and LED indication time of 1 to 60 seconds
  • Output and indication Toggle option
  • Jumper Selectable Illumination Status: Red, Green, or No Illumination
  • One Relay with two 2-Ampere outputs for separate application wiring: N.O. and N.C.
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