AYC-M6355 CSN SELECT™ Convertible Smart Card Reader


The CSN SELECT™ AYC-M6355 is a part of the family of multi-credential technology contactless smart card (13.56 MHz) readers with backlit keypad for use in access control system solutions and includes Rosslare’s convertible technology. The reader has the flexibility to read the Card Serial Number (CSN) from many smart card RFID standards including ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, and ISO18092, perfect for transitioning from one technology to another. UV resistant and with an IP65 rated sleek and modern design, the reader can be used comfortably in any installation environment whether indoors or outdoors.


  • Standard reader outputs the Wiegand CSN data in Wiegand 26-Bit format by default, other formats such as Clock & Data and Wiegand 32-, 32R-, 34-, 40-, 56- and 64-bit can be locally selected via keypad programming
  • Eight keypad transmission formats are available and can be locally selected via keypad programming
  • Mounting options include US gangbox and UK/Asia gangbox
  • Features Rosslare’s convertible technology
  • Read the CSN from the following smart cards:
    • ISO14443A – MIFARE® Ultralight® Nano /Ultralight EV1/ Ultralight C
      – MIFARE Classic® / Classic EV1
      – MIFARE Plus® S / SE / X / EV1
      – MIFARE DESFire® EV1 / EV2
      – NFC N–TAG / Card Emulation
    • ISO14443B – China National ID
    • ISO15693 – HID® iClass®, PicoPass, iCode, LEGIC
    • ISO18092 – SONY® FeliCa® (Hong Kong Octopus)


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Addressable OSDP connectivity, up to 32 addresses using DIP switches
  • Customizable control lines available with a firmware update can enable hold line ignore or buffered functionality
  • Two tri-colored LED operation
  • Optical wall tamper detection
  • Blue backlit keypad with power saving options (On, Off, Dimming)
  • IP65 rated and made of tough polycarbonate UV-resistant plastic
  • Comes with mounting template and installation kit for easy installation