AYC-G64 Backlit Proximity & PIN Convertible Reader / Controller

Part of the convertible line of readers/controllers, this unit can be operated as an outdoor backlit keypad & proximity reader that connects to any standard controller, or it can convert into a fully featured, 500-user standalone controller when connected to Rosslare’s PS-x25T family of intelligent power supply/relay units. This unit provides a most effective solution for indoor and outdoor access systems where PIN credentials are required.



  • Supports 4- to 8-digit PIN credentials and 125 kHz EM type RFID cards and tags
  • Smooth, attractive design, with all-weather indoor and outdoor operation
  • Large, highly-visible RED backlit keypad
  • 2 tri-colored LEDs and an integral sounder for programming and operation
  • User friendly menu, based on keypad, LED and sounder indicators
  • Back and cover optical tamper detection and output
  • Default operation as a multi-format reader (Wiegand 26-Bit/Clock & Data)
  • Automatically recognizes Rosslare’s
    PS-x25T intelligent power supply family converting it into a 500-user standalone controller with secure relays


  • 8 selectable PIN transmission modes including options for Key Stream, Binary, Parity, and 2×6 Matrix
  • Supports Wiegand 26-Bit or Clock & Data transmission formats
  • 3 security levels (controller mode): Bypass (free entry), Normal (card or PIN required) or Secure (card + PIN)
  • Meets IP65


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