AY-L23 Extra Long Range RF Reader

The advanced AY-L23 is a long-range wireless receiver that can activate electronic barriers, garage doors, home security systems, or any other device that can accept an auxiliary input. The receiver is compatible with Rosslare’s UHF Remote Controls (C/E/D-Series) and can receive the remote control signal from up to 70 meters (230 ft) range.


  • Excellent RF performance-AM (or ASK for western Europe and Scandinavia)
  • Modern, slender design containing an internal antenna
  • Microprocessor design incorporating SMT for high quality
  • Includes optical wall and case tamper protection, including a tamper output signal
  • Different model for different frequencies: 418.00 MHz, 433.92 MHz, or 868.35 MHz
  • 60 cm (23.6 in.) 6-wire interface cable


  • Ultra-low current consumption
  • RF sensitivity is -107 dBm
  • Single control wire selects the LED color (green or red)
  • Mountable on a flat surface
  • Receiver interfaces to any control panel with an available reader input
  • Internal buzzer sounds when the unit successfully reads an RF signal