Ax-TM AxTime™ Time & Attendance Client Software

Rosslare’s AxTime™ is Client software that communicates with the AxTraxNG™ server on the same network, to create time & attendance reports using an intuitive graphic interface.


The AxTime™ software’s user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface generates Time & Attendance reports using events uploaded via the AxTraxNG™ database from the following Access Control Units (ACUs):

  • AC-215/215IP
  • AC-225/225IP
  • AC-425/425IP


  • Cutting-edge development platform
  • Produces reports from acquired data, such as usage reports, attendance records, visitors, and roll calls
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Password controlled for high level of security. Uses the same permission rights of defined operators as in the AxTraxNG™
  • User-friendly software with intuitive GUI helps reduce the complexity of installation