AX-AV ViTrax™ PC DVR/Surveillance Client/Server Management Software

ViTrax supported Cameras

AX-AV ViTrax™ Multimedia Digital Video Surveillance & DVR PC Management Software is an advanced digital video recording and remote surveillance client/server software for Microsoft® Windows. The software supports live view, video recording and playback from major brand IP cameras of multiple local and remote sites in multi-client/multi-server installations, enabling the export of digital recordings for storage.


  • DVR Watchdog Recovery – Restarts the server automatically to resume local and remote data flow providing high level of reliability
  • Multi-Server, Multi-Client Support – Supports an unlimited number of cameras connected to the IP network on any geographical area and supports an unlimited number of ViTrax servers and can be viewed by an unlimited number of ViTrax clients
  • Proprietary Multi-media Database – Provides compact storage and efficient export of selected recordings for evidence preservation (own metadata)
  • Real-time multi-channel streaming video – ISO MPEG-4, Intel IPP, and DirectShow formats for effective compression and bandwidth savings
  • Support for console multi-screen viewing – Advanced OSD control and presence triggered by access control systems
  • License plate recognition – Allows reading license plate and automatically managing the vehicle access accordingly
  • Full support of all video parameters such as frame per second (fps), bit rate resolution, brightness and contrast; support up to 64 preset locations for PTZ cameras


  • Compatibility – Compatible with all major brand IP cameras, video servers, frame grabbers, and other devices including USB Webcams
  • Database Sharing – The shared database can be triggered by sending various events to an access control unit or Integrated security solution
  • Multilingual – Easily translated software for a wide range of language implementation
  • Mapping – Together with the Google Maps interface, you are able to place marked cameras on actual maps for easy browsing

Access Control Compatibility Matrix