AuraSys™ KC -16 LCD 16 zone, 2-partition Keypad

The KC-16 LCD keypad is an advanced keypad that works with the AuraSys™ P6 wired intrusion panel. The keypad contains a large display for zone and system status, as well as an internal buzzer for audio feedback during key entry and configuration.

You can easily select up to 16 zone statuses, including power status, low-battery status, bypass and partial arm/disarm status, and trouble indication. The KC-16 has an aesthetically designed front-flip cover that hides PIN code entry buttons while allowing the one-touch quick buttons to remain visible. The keypad also has case tamper protection for added security, and a forced arming feature.

Main features

  • Large 2 16-character LCD display for easy viewing
  • Backlit keypad
  • Icon-based keys for easy use and language‑independent operation
  • Internal buzzer for audio indication of PIN entry and configuration
  • Aesthetic design, with front-flip cover
  • Case tamper protection
  • One-touch quick button operation


  • Easy terminal wiring
  • 16 zone status indications
  • System status indication (power, low battery, bypass and partial arm, system trouble)
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