AuraSys L Family 2/4, 4/8 and 6/12 Zone Intrusion Control Panels


Compact and elegant, the AuraSysTM L-Family Models boast a unique and user-friendly design, with panels that suit various systems, and provide quality applications for residential installations, including condominium, apartments, etc. as well as small commercial enterprises, such as shops, offices, and more.

The AuraSysTM Lite Family Models are compact and expandable alarm control panels with 2, 4 or 6 hardwired zones, expandable to 4, 8 or 12 zones.

AuraSysTM panels are compatible with Rosslare’s MatrixBUSTM wireless expansion module, allowing seamless operation with a wide variety of accessories and devices, including the new, user-friendly, elegant, LED and LCD 8- and 12-zone keypads.


The AuraSysTM Lite L-2, L-4, & L-6 Families exhibit the following features:

  • 256 Events history
  • PC Programming
  • 2 CMS accounts (CID)
  • 3 Private phones
  • Zone Bypass / Force Arming
  • Quick Arming
  • Quick installation
  • Aux power 1 amp


  • Flexible, fully programmable PGM automation features (L-4 and L-6)
  • Compatible with MatrixBUSTM expansions
  • Advance false alarm prevention features
  • Programmable communications self test
  • Built-in 2400 Baud modem and dialer for uploading, downloading and reporting
  • AR-P02 PC Software for remote and local upload/download and configuration, including firmware upgrade, live view mode and event log upload
  • Available keypads: KE-04, KC-04, KD-04, KE-06, KC-06, KD-06
    • KE-0x with LED indicators
    • KC-0x with fixed LCD display area
    • KD-0x with fixed  LCD display with a dot matrix area for alarm indication