AuraSys L-6 6/12 Zone Lite Intrusion Control Panel


The AuraSysTM L-6 is a compact and powerful alarm control panel with up to 12 zones and one PGM output. Zone inputs with optional doubling allows conversion of 6 onboard zones into a maximum of 12 wired zones. Supporting Rosslare’s MatrixBUSTM allows usage of up to four LED and LCD keypads as well as conversion to a hybrid panel, 6 hardwired and 6 wireless zones using XR-16A wireless expansion.

Feature rich – built-in modem and dialer, 256 event log size, PGM and siren outputs as well as an additional variety of security and functionality features.

The AuraSysTM L-6 is ideal for a wide variety of residential installations including condominiums, apartments, etc. as well as for small commercial applications, such as shops and offices.

A local, user-friendly interface allows easy access to powerful features via the system keypads.


  • Six on-board dual-EOL zones, internal power supply for detectors
  • Zone doubling provide up to 12 on board wired zones, Wireless expansion supported for additional 6 wireless zones
  • Line-cut, power failure, battery level and communication failure detection
  • 256 events, non-volatile history log
  • 10 user codes + one installer + one master codes
  • 3 States: Arm Away, Arm Home, Disarm
  • Quick / Instant / Force / Bypass arming modes
  • Up to 4 keypads
  • On-board PGM output O.C. 120mA with various, flexible operation modes
  • 13.8VDC/1700mA on-board aux output
  • Designer keypads with user-friendly interface, backlight buttons and indicators
  • Built-in telephone modem and dialer for CMS and private telephones reporting as well as remote PC connection
  • PC or keypad programming


  • Flexible fully programmable PGM automation features
  • Compatible with MatrixBUSTM expansion modules and keypads
  • Advanced false alarm prevention features
  • Programmable communications self test
  • Power quality battery protection
  • AR-P02 PC Software for remote and local upload/download and configuration, including firmware upgrade, live view mode and event log upload
  • Availablable as PCB or metal enclosure