AuraSys L-2 2/4 Zone Self-Contained Control Panel Family

L-2_SL_HR 1-4 zones

The AuraSysTM L-2 family is ideal for a wide variety of residential installations including condominiums, apartments, etc. as well as for small commercial applications, such as shops and offices.

The AuraSysTM L-2 family is compact and easy to operate, yet offers advanced features such as built-in telephone modem and dialer, 256 events non-volatile history, battery charger, 2400 Baud modem and more. It features either dual-state key-switch or a 5-button keypad allowing you to arm and disarm the system, view zone status and events on the system such as low battery, AC-fail, trouble and more.

Programming, set-up, viewing log file and live view of the AuraSys L-2 and L-2K panels are also available using the AuraSys AR-P02 PC Software.


  • Two on-board dual-EOL zones, internal power supply for detectors
  • Zone doubling provide up to 4 on board wired zones
  • 6 User codes
  • Line-cut, power failure, battery level and communication failure detection
  • 256 events, non-volatile history log
  • A variety of friendly status LED indicators
  • Quick / Instant / Force / Bypass arming modes
  • Sounder output, internal backup battery charger with space for compact SLA or NiMH battery
  • Self-contained plastic enclosure


  • Advanced false alarm prevention and functionality features
  • Programmable communications self test
  • Power quality battery protection
  • Fax/answering machine defeat
  • Two CMS accounts
  • Three private phone numbers