LT-UVS-26A-3000 UHF Proximity Read/Write Card (Formerly AT-T910)

The LT-UVS-26A-3000 is a credit-card sized credential with built-in RFID electronics, including an integrated circuit and an antenna inside that can be printed for human-readable information using standard ISO card printers and can be machine read using very low power wireless communications.  Having no power of its own, it can be read by card readers when it passes through the electromagnetic field produced in the proximity of the reader. The read range varies depending on the antenna and field generated by the reader.


  • Reliable and interference free – Individuals carrying the card will not feel any interference when passing other electromagnetic objects
  • Strong, flexible, and resistant to breaking – Sturdy and robust, the card can even get wet and continue to function
  • Photo ID Compatible – Print directly adding an image or thermal transfer print
  • Pocket Size – Enables users to comfortably carry it around with them
  • Durability – Known for its infinite number of reads
  • Easily Identifiable when the external card number is provided to system administration