APP-A411 (Android) Rosslare BLE-ID™ Soft Credential for Bluetooth® Readers (Rev A)

APP-A411 is Rosslare’s BLE-ID™ application for Android OS local installation.  Using Bluetooth BLE technology, the app creates a smartphone credential that offers an extension of convenience and range of up to 12 m (39 ft) when used with the AY-H6255BT and AY-H6355BT readers. The app offers a unique credential ID that supports enrollment in access control systems. The app features easy 2‑step operation to submit the credential to the selected reader. The system is designed to allow fast and easy adoption in organizations seeking to use mobile credentials for general purpose access control and automation.

Key Benefits

  • Provides for an additional credential factor for multi factor authentication
  • Increased efficiency and productivity with mobility features
  • Offers a new and easy way to manage user and visitor credentials