AC-E200G/S Standalone Flush-mount PIN Controller

AC-E200S No Hole

The AC-E200 is an advanced anti-vandal, 500-user standalone controller with an exceptionally robust metallic body and a highly sensitive piezoelectric backlit keypad, suitable for PIN codes access requirements.

This rugged metal unit has no moving parts, making it ideal for high traffic and extremely harsh environments. The model is fully sealed; epoxy filled, and has advanced programming options as well as flexible operation modes.

Main Features

  • 500 users, single or dual pin
  • Smooth, attractive, and anti-vandal casing
  • Available in two colors: Gold (G) and Silver (S)
  • Programmable button for output control
  • Highly-sensitive, blue backlit metal piezoelectric keys
  • 3 operational Security Levels with unique PIN code options
  • Supports up to 8-digit PIN codes, with timed lockout after 3 incorrect code entry attempts
  • 2 tri-colored LEDs and internal sounder for programming and operation indications
  • Wide range of low voltage AC/DC power input
  • Multi-function button for various applications (+ button)
  • Compatible with standard key-switch


  • Optical tamper detection and output
  • 10 programmable auxiliary input and output (3 Amp Form-C Relay) modes
  • 3 Amp Form-C Lock Strike Relay, for fail-safe and fail-secure, with input for REX
  • Supports: Door Ajar, Forced, Shunt, Monitor, and Secure modes
  • Door bell key feature (from ‘*’ bell key), with Rosslare’s BL-D40