AC-A42 Indoor PIN & Proximity Standalone Controller

AC-A42 is part of Rosslare’s indoor standalone controller serias, ideal for residential and commercial access applications. It is an industry favorite for those looking for a basic access controller that simply gets the job done, yet utilizes both Proximity cards and/or PIN codes.

The attractivelly desigined AC-A42 is truly easy to program and easy to use. This advanced 500-user, PIN & Proximity standalone controller is packed with features such as eight auxiliary modes, multiple user levels and operation modes, and case tamper protection.

  • Advanced 500-user standalone controller
  • Access via proximity card and / or PIN codes
  • Compatible with all 26-Bit EM proximity cards or tags
  • Two tri-colored LEDs and internal buzzer indicators
  • Lock strike and auxiliary relay outputs
  • Input for Request to Exit (REX) button
  • Internal case tamper detection
  • Supplied with an installation kit including a security screw, security screw tool, mounting screws and a mounting template


  • Offers eight auxiliary modes, including: Door ajar, Forced door, Shunt, Door monitor, Normal / secure
  • Three user levels: Normal, Secure, Master
  • Three operational modes: Normal, Bypass, Secure
  • Built-in 125 KHz ASK type EM RFID proximity reader
  • Bell, chime, siren and strobe when used with the BL-D40