AC-115 Compact Networked Access Controller

Each AC-115 supports a single door with power and control for 2 readers (IN/OUT), a 1.2A lock strike, door monitor & REX input, and has a built-in backup battery charger.

With its associated PC software (AS-115), the system works seamlessly in online and offline modes.  A 2000 event offline FIFO(First IN first Out) history log is stored in non-volatile memory that can be uploaded to the PC.

8-controllers can be connected in a reliable and proven RS-485 network that interfaces with the PC software using on RS-232 to RS-485 converter.

Unique features include internal bell sounder enabling doorbell, chime, and alarm sounds.


  • 2400 Users
  • 2000 Event History
  • Quick and easy to install, All-in-One
  • 8 Programmable access time zones
  • 24 Programmable holiday dates
  • Three modes of operation: Normal, Bypass and Secure
  • Supports two standard Wiegand 26-Bit readers (PIN only, PIN+PROX, or PROX)
  • Internal power supply for readers, lock and inputs, with a charger for external battery backup
  • Real-time clock with back-up battery lasts up to 10 years
  • Cable-cut tamper detection function for readers and cover tamper detection for the main unit
  • Bell, chime & alarm annunciator with audible tones
  • Auxiliary relay output
  • 3 selectable security modes and 3 programmable user levels
  • A simple and intuitive user-friendly PC interface reduces complexity of managing access control For Microsoft Windows® 98/Me, and XP/NT/2000/7
  • AC-115 can work as an independent single-door PIN controller and does not require the PC
  • Long range RS-485 network connects to the PC using a MD-14 RS-232 to RS-485 converter (one per network)
  • Programmable PC software access rights
  • Enables management of user data, photo with custom fields, access rights, alarms, strike time, and door mode from a central location for up to 8 networked doors
  • Produces reports from acquired data, such as entry and exit times, and by alarm type with filters for users, location, and time
  • Available in a large selection of languages
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