AC-020 Dual Door Standalone Controller

The AC-020 is a 500-user two-door access controller with two standard Wiegand 26-Bit reader interfaces allowing the connection of two readers in an In/In configuration.

For an integrated two-door solution, the unit powers two 12VDC 1.2A lock strikes and two request-to-exit (REX) inputs.

With a user-friendly LED and Sounder, tone-based programming menu, as well as conveniently located terminal blocks, the AC-020 is quick and easy to install.

Unique built-in features include: tamper detection, bell sounder, backup 12V battery charger, and keypad (which can be used as a PIN reader).

The unit impalements multiple security level modes aa well as user hierarchy.


  • 500 Users (PIN or Proximity) across two doors
  • Power outputs for two lock strikes with a maximum current of 1.2A at 12VDC
  • Supports two PIN and/or Proximity readers
  • Two Status / Programming Interface LED’s
  • Two request-to-exit (REX) inputs
  • Built-in speaker for doorbell, tamper alarms, and chime
  • Programmable Lock Strike release time
  • Quick and simple programming
  • Easy to access terminal blocks for wiring


  • Compact, lightweight and yet powerful all-in-one integrated solution
  • Tamper detection function for the readers and the main unit (cover and cable cut)
  • Two Form C strike relays support fail-safe and fail-secure applications
  • 2 user levels (Master and Normal) and 3 programmable security modes (Normal, Secure and Bypass)
  • Internal power supply for strikes, readers and inputs with a built-in charger for external backup battery
  • Local user friendly programming using the built-in keypad with LED and Sounder tone menu