AC-015 Single Door 2 Reader Controller

The AC-015 controller is a powerful entry-level integrated solution for single door access control, specially designed for a low-cost time & attendance solution. It can be connected to two readers (in/out), lock-strike, door REX, and backup battery. This cost-effective, all-in-one unit is compatible with a range of readers and lock types, and includes user-friendly pc software for real-time monitoring and reporting.


  • 500 users (PIN or PROX)
  • Locally programmable and operated using the built-in keypad without needing the PC software
  • Supports two PIN and/or Proximity readers
  • Internal charger for external battery backup
  • Accepts release-to-exit (REX) input
  • Tamper detection function for readers and for the main unit (cover, cable cut and removal)
  • Built-in sounder for door bell, alarms, and chime
  • 2 programmable user levels and 3 selectable security modes
  • Selectable lock relay output (N.O. and N.C.), supports fail-safe and fail-secure applications


  • User-friendly PC software with intuitive interface reduces the complexity of access control
  • Produces various types of Time & Attendance reports from acquired data, with flexible options
  • Online monitoring of access events
  • Configures user data, personal photo, access rights, working days, and holidays
  • Local database storage and maintenance
  • Available in a large selection of languages
  • 3 password protected operator levels
  • Software CD-ROM provided in the package
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