Rosslare Showcased Its Biometric Solution at ADI Biometric Workshop Across India

Pune, India – October 15, 2013 Rosslare Security, a worldwide provider of professional Access Control and Intrusion Security solutions, showcased its Biometric Solution at the ADI Biometric Workshop, which was held across Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Pune and Mumbai in July 2013. Twenty system integrators visited each of our workshop locations.
Rosslare’s biometric system consists of a controller, a fingerprint reader, and a card/fingerprint programmer. Fingerprints, unlike other methods such as cards, are much harder to copy or steal. Access controls that use fingertips scans are more secure and provide a higher level of protection.
The fingerprint readers (AYC-W6500, AY-B1663, and AY-B1660) are connected to the controller (AC-225). Once the user places their fingertip on the designated pad, the reader starts scanning and in a matter of seconds the system verifies the user’s credentials.
If the user does not exist in the system’s database, the unit sounds the proper warning sound.
Another method is by using cards and fingerprints. Cards and fingerprints are programmed and enrolled using a programmer (CP-R25 or CP-R26). The fingerprint is enrolled onto the card and stored therein. When the user passes a card through the reader, the reader checks the correlation between the fingerprints stored on the card and the fingerprint that the user just presented to the reader to verify that the card owner is indeed the person trying to
enter. This adds increases the security level. When a card is swiped, only the fingerprint on the card is read instead of a massive database connected to the controller, which would be a
time-consuming. The system simply checks that the fingerprint saved on the card is also the one being scanned. If no card is used, the system searches for a match of the scanned fingertip in its database.
If an isolated location needs to be secured, the AYC-B7661 standalone fingerprint reader can provide the perfect security. Its standalone design allows it to manage an access control entrance without any outside dependency. It uses a capacitive fingerprint scanner to allow for a more secured and reliable system. Capacitive scanners are harder to trick and produce fewer false positives.
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