Rosslare presents its new Mifare® Smartcard Contactless Read-Sector Family

Rosslare Security, a worldwide provider of professional Access Control and Intrusion Security solutions, is proud to introduce two new highly secured versions of Smartcard contactless sector-readers.

The Sector Reader Family is a fully-featured smartcard contactless reader family, ideal for highly secured facilities.

The AY-W6260 and its keypad version – the AY-W6360 – are fully potted and sealed, made from tough Polycarbonate plastic, and are suitable for outdoor use
in all weather conditions. Their elegant designs complete their appeal.
The units read the Mifare® ID Format at 13.56 MHz with
a remarkable range of up to 7cm (2.8″).

The AY-Q6260 and its keypad version – the AY-Q6360 – introduce a patented, industry first – 13.56MHz Smartcard technology encased in a metal body. They combined Smartcard capabilities with an anti-vandal metal shield.
The units read the Mifare® ID Format at 13.56 MHz with
a remarkable range of up to 4cm (1.6″).

Personal data storage – The readers allow storing of personal and secured information for use
with various applications.
Smartcard standard – Full capability of Mifare® card serial ID reading such as passports, ID cards
and more.

Access Control – Incorporates the ISO-14443A (Mifare®) ID Format Protocol using a variety of 13.56 MHz cards and Tags.
Read Sector – Suitable for highly secured Smartcard based applications such as Government, Military etc.

Additional Benefits
The readers support programmable multi-output formats, including standard Wiegand 26-Bit,
Wiegand 32/34/40-Bit and Clock & Data.
Read and Control input indications using 2-Color LEDs and Internal Buzzer.
Being epoxy potted, the units are fully sealed for improved performance in all weather conditions.
The AY-Q6360 has a patented 3×4 blue backlit keypad for PIN code entry and programming.