Product End-of-Life Notice

In accordance with our product End-of-Life (EOL) policy, we want to give notice of product technical support discontinuation in order to allow your company to update its records and make preparations accordingly.

We appreciate your understanding and will do whatever we can to minimize the impact of these changes on your company. We look forward to fulfilling your company’s requirements in the years to come.

The following products were announced EOL in July 2014

End-of-Life Product Replacement Remarks
AS-525 AX-NG Replacement by AxTraxNG only
AS-525-L0 AX-NG-L0
AS-525-L1 AX-NG-L1
AS-525-L2 AX-NG-L2
AS-525-L3 AX-NG-L3

Effective Aug 31, 2016, we would like to inform users that Rosslare will permanently discontinue the AS-525 software and supporting service. We strongly suggest updating the SQL database by Microsoft to Version 2012 to ensure proper AxTraxNG server behavior with the database.

We also recommend upgrading to the current version of AxTraxNG (see AxTraxNG™ – Upgrading from AxTrax Quick Guide).

If you have any questions about this EOL notice and replacement products, please contact your local Rosslare Security Products sales representative.