North Georgia Christian Academy selects Rosslare Access Control Solution

The North Georgia Christian Academy is a medium size private School serving grades 1-12 with approximately 350 students in attendance.

The school needed controlling external access to all 7-entry points on campus and limiting it to authorized personnel only. Due to a rather tight budget the NCGA was looking for a full featured access control system to be both cost effective, expandable and could be networked from building to building and support remote access over internet. In addition, the newly constructed Gym was completely exposed above the main entry/exit doors. The request was to have relatively small access control system which contains all the hardware inside.

The Solution

To meet the North Georgia Christian Academy’s security requirements, Rosslare’s AC-215 networked access controllers with MD-N32 communication gateways were chosen for this project. This solution enabled easy and fast installation, wireless connectivity and special programmable access control features such as: automatic interlock control of two doors, automatic relock, first person delay after relock, and extended door unlock time for privileged users.

The system’s feature-rich and zero cost outlay of the software enabled the customer to achieve his goals.

 “We were surprised how affordable Rosslare’ssystem really was and how quickly it was installed”
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