AxTraxNG Software Advisory Bulletin – Software Patch for Fixing the Year 2016 Bug

Bug Description

Rosslare has recently become aware of a critical bug within AxTraxNG software related to the year of 2016.

  1. New users or visitors who are added to your AxTraxNG system are automatically given an activation date on the day that they are created. We have found that any added users with a valid activation date of after Jan 1, 2016 encounter an error, the result of which denies them access in a reader in which they expect access to be granted.
  2. In addition to the start date, there is a “valid until – date” parameter setting for the expiration date of the user or visitor in the system. The expiration date of the user/visitor is not functioning for users with a “Valid-until date” that is in 2016. The result of this is that any user with an expiration date in 2016 is not expired.

Fix Procedure

A patch for fixing each AxTraxNG version has been issued for fixing each major software version since AxTraxNG Version 22.x.

The fix does not require a firmware update to the access controllers for fast and easy operation.

Customers with an AxTraxNG version that is earlier than Version 22.x must upgrade the AxTraxNG software version to 24.05 followed by a firmware upgrade of the access controllers.


  1. Identify your AxTraxNG software version by opening the software and clicking on Help>About:


  1. Download the patch suitable to your version (see links below).
  2. Stop the ‘AxTraxNG Server’ service by opening the Windows Task Manager (pressing ‘ALT+CTRL+DELETE’), locating the service, right-clicking on the service and selecting ‘Stop’.


  1. Locate the server installation path of AxTraxNG, usually under C:\Program Files (x86)\Rosslare\AxTraxNG Server for Windows 64-Bit version. For 32-Bit Windows version, the default installation location is C:\Program Files\Rosslare\AxTraxNG Server.
  2. Preserve the files: ‘Server.EXE’ and ‘AxTraxServerService.EXE’ by renaming them to ‘ServerOLD.EXE’ and ‘AxTraxServerServiceOLD.EXE’.
  3. Copy the files ‘Server.EXE’ and ‘AxTraxServerService.EXE’ to the same path.
  4. Start ‘AxTraxNG Server’ service by opening the Windows Task Manager, locating the service, right-clicking on the service and selecting ‘Start’.

This process fixes the Year 2016 bug as described in the section above.

Download Links

Patch Fix:

AxTraxNG patch fix versions 22.06

AxTraxNG patch fix versions 22.07

AxTraxNG patch fix versions 22.08

AxTraxNG patch fix versions 22.09

AxTraxNG patch fix versions 22.95

AxTraxNG patch fix versions 23.0

AxTraxNG patch fix versions 23.01

AxTraxNG patch fix versions 23.02

AxTraxNG patch fix versions 23.04

AxTraxNG patch fix versions 23.06

AxTraxNG patch fix versions 24.00

AxTraxNG patch fix versions 24.03

Full Packages:

For the latest AxTraxNG version (, go to Download Center (for registered users only) and select “Networked Access Control Software” in the Product Family field.

This version resolves the 2016 bug from the previous 27.0xxx versions.

For AxTraxNGSetup_V. and AxTraxNGSetup_V.24.05, go to Download Center (for registered users only) and select “Software Bug Fixes” in the Product Family field.

For further information, please contact your local Rosslare Partner or Rosslare’s Global technical support team.