AC-115 Product Software Advisory Bulletin – Year 2016 Bug Fix

For all AC-115 Software Customers

Rosslare has recently become aware of a critical bug within AC-115 software related to the yearly date of 2016. Any event logged in the AC-115 controller starting January 1, 2016 is logged with a date starting January 1, 2000.

Bug fix

Download the relevant EXE file from the links below::

  1. Locate the server installation path of AC-115, usually under C:\Program Files (x86)\Rosslare\AC115  for Windows 64-Bit version. For 32-Bit Windows version, the default installation location is C:\Program Files\Rosslare\AC115 .
  2. Preserve the files: ‘AC115.EXE’ by renaming them to ‘AC115OLD.EXE’ .
  3. Copy the files ‘AC115.xx.x.x.x.EXE’ to the same path.
  4. Rename the ‘AC115.xx.x.x.x.EXE’ to AC115.exe .

This process fixes the Year 2016 bug as described in the section above.








For further information please contact your local Rosslare Partner or Rosslare’s Global technical support team.