Rosslare AuraSys Pro

AuraSys – MatrixBUS XO-02 2 PGM Expansion

MD-62U RS-232 TTL to USB cable for Intrusion

AuraSys P6C 6-Zone Expandable to 16-Zone Intrusion Control Panel

AuraSys™ AR-P01/AR-P02

AuraSys – MatrixBUS XO-04 4 PGM Expansion

XR-16 / XR-16A Wireless Expansion

AuraSys – MatrixBUS XI-04 4 Zone Expansion

MatrixBUS™ MD-64 and MD-66 Voice Module for KC-16 Keypads

MD-63 Memory Key for AuraSys™ P6

MD-62 Serial Communications Adapter for AuraSys™ and HomeLogiX™