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The New HomeLogiX™
Powerful, Wireless 40-Zone, Burglar Alarm System
Offering the latest in security technology, the new and improved HLX-40, an offspring of the HomeLogix™ security panel, is a powerful, 40-zone wireless burglar alarm system, possessing all the benefits of advanced 2-way wireless technology, and enclosed in a compact, aesthetic, easy-to-use control panel.
The new panel, includes numerous new features such as GSM communications support, language selection, firmware upgrade and other advanced features is just about ready for release.
HLX-40 is compatible with Rosslare’s line of wireless sensors, keypads, sirens, repeaters and remote controls, enabling you to expand your security system to fit your needs, without costly invasive installations.
Using GSM expansion, the HLX-40 can utilize GSM communication as a primary or backup for reporting.
It also allows SMS event notification to private phones.

The new HomeLogiX™ introduces an enhanced user interface, impressive audio quality, extended RF range , multi languages support, new and improved ARM-9 based design for fast response and high performance, simplified local and remote firmware upgrade , and easy-to-use upload/download and management software.

2-way voice communication is available when the system initiates a call to a private phone or when the user calls the HLX-40 panel. The panel’s built-in voice dialer can also report alarms and other system events to any private phone (up-to 3 numbers) via a voice message. Panic, emergency, duress, and silent alarm options are easily available at the touch of a button from either the main panel or using a key-fob.
  • Built-in PSTN full duplex 2-way voice and listen-in capabilities
  • Local and remote voice-guided telephone sessions for status messages, alerts and control options
  • GSM reporting module expansion
  • User message recording / playback (Local / remote phone)
  • Textual and vocal announcements, complements a variety of chime sounds per zone
  • Built-in 2400 baud dialer/modem, CID reporting
  • Flexible, fully programmable PGM behavior and automation features
  • Programmable automatic / scheduled arming
  • Pre-programmed transmitter keys
  • RF signal strength and jamming detection
The HLX-40 family is compatible with Rosslare‘s entire range of wireless products, including detectors, remote controls, repeaters, keypads and sirens, including but not secluding the SA-33, KE-30, PYR-2011 and PYR-3011 described below:

SA-33 is a compact, water resistant remote control, encased in an elegantly designed shell, featuring ergonomic casing and buttons. The sa-33’s buttons functionality include alarm control, panic activation and a multi-purpose button, all are re- programmable via any one of Rosslare's alarm panels.

Rosslare’s KE-30 wireless keypad was designed to minimize installation time and enhance user experience. The unit’s innovative, bi-directional RF technology and unique interface provides both remote real-time system status and remote command options. Operation is simple and intuitive, with smart buttons that combine arm and disarm functionalities with illumination and sound indicators, as well as a unique semi-opaque lens display area for alarm-in-memory, and trouble indications.


Rosslare’s PYR-2011 and PYR-3011 are both members in a line of high performance indoor passive infra red motion family of detectors. They feature state-of-the-art spherical lens optics with walk and RF transmission tests, Auto Power Save (APS) technology and automatic low battery detection.
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