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Rosslare launches an outdoor contactless smartcard reader family
A seamless cost effective upgrade to the Smartcard Standard
AY-M25 AY-H25 AY-L25 AY-J25 AY-K25
Rosslare added the AY-H25 and AY-J25 readers to complete the Contactless SmartCard Outdoor reader family with all its various sizes. The AY-x25 Reader family is designed to read MifareŽ Contactless Smartcard identification information, and is compatible with any standard access control system.

Being highly adaptable and easily configurable, the readers are ideal for global companies seeking a uniform reader, compatible with all international mounting standards. Featuring seven programmable output formats with a maximum read range of 7 cm, they easily comply with most system demands.

Sealed and fully potted in a polycarbonate UV casing, the readers are highly suitable for all outdoor weather conditions. Their durable structure combined with Rosslare's tamper protection technology, transmutes them into the ultimate tamper-resistant reader family.

The Readers are capable of reading cards & tags in the ISO-14443A MifareŽ format.
MifareŽ is a registered trademark of NXP Semiconductors.

Main Features
  • ISO-14443A, MifareŽ at 13.56 MHz
  • Programmable Multi-Format output (Using MD-08B): Wiegand 26-Bit With site code, Wiegand Fixed
    26-Bit, Wiegand 32-Bit, Wiegand 32-Bit reversed, Wiegand 34-Bit, Wiegand 40-Bit, and Clock & Data
  • Bi-colored LED and buzzer indicators
  • Programmable input: LED control / Buzzer Control
  • Epoxy potted - meets IP65, Waterproof
  • Optical Back Tamper
Robust, Anti Vandal, 500 User Stand Alone Access Control Family
New Stylish Design, ideal for high traffic and extremely harsh environments
AC-E100G AC-E100S AC-E200G AC-E200S
The AC-E100 and AC-E200 are stylish, cost effective, single door, PIN access control units. They are the ideal solution for outdoor residential, commercial, and industrial applications. This family includes the AC-E200 metal push button series and the AC-E100 series featuring patented Piezoelectric blue backlit buttons.
Both series come in Platinum and Gold.

The units are stand-alone controllers (no PC is required), housed in a sturdy metal, vandal-resistant casing, completely epoxy potted for indoor or outdoor use in all weather conditions.

The controllers are compatible with Rosslare's access control accessories, such as BL-D40 sounder,
a chime and door bell strobe unit, as well as with the various Piezoelectric Push to Exit buttons and power supplies.

Main Features
  • 500 Users
  • Backlit digits (Patented backlit Piezoelectric keys)
  • Rugged metal construction
  • No moving parts (AC-E100)
  • Water-resistant
  • 3 user levels: normal; secure; master
  • 3 modes of operation: normal; bypass; secure
  • 4-8 digit PIN code length
  • Auxiliary input and output
Smart Swivel Wall / Ceiling Bracket
Rosslare has launched a new bracket, BR-41, to support the entire line of PYR and SA-01 families of PIR motion detectors.

The bracket allows quick and easy installation for both wall & ceiling mounting, featuring a swivel joint that provides a wide angle rotation range, while maintaining an effective, secure, strong fastening.

The BR-41 bracket also features a wire protection casing, which cannot be removed or opened without opening the Tamper protected detector.

Main Features
  • Among the supported detectors:
    • PYR-0021, PYR-1021, PYR-2021, PYR-2023, PYR-2011
    • SA-01, SA-01P, SA-01W, SA-01WL (with BR-11 adaptor)
  • Ceiling mount configuration allows installation of regular wall mount detectors to be mounted on the ceiling easily
    • Up to +/- 30° Horizontal adjustment (wall Mount)
    • Up to 45° Vertical adjustment (wall mount), with optional extension (included)
    • Up to 30° Vertical adjustment (ceiling mount)
  • Hidden, Tamper proof wiring installation
  • Small footprint yet sturdy and secure with an effective, strong mechanical lock mechanism
For more information, please contact your local Rosslare office
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